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Learn How To Make Diaper Cakes Like These
By Watching Our Easy to Follow Videos and
Following our Simple Instructional Guide

There are two ways to learn how to make a diaper cake...

  • You can read boring instructions on how to make them (blah), or
  • You can WATCH someone show you step by step on VIDEO

Which would you rather do? I'm sure you said WATCH THE VIDEO, right?

It's almost impossible to learn how to make a diaper cake by reading words and looking at still photos. You need someone to SHOW you how to make them and explain each step in fine detail.

Introducing - the internet's fastest, easiest to follow and most comprehensive diaper cake training tutorial...

I just created the most detailed, easiest to follow training video on how to make one, two THREE DIFFERENT KINDS of diaper cakes.

Just listen to what a couple of our students had to say about our
"How To Make A Diaper Cake" training videos...

Photo Submitted By One Of
Our Students Named Kim
From Ohio


"...I easily made my money back from (selling) my first couple of diaper cakes..."
- Kim from Ohio

Listen to actual recorded call from Kim above (used with permission)

Photo Submitted By One Of
Our Students Named Lisa
From North Carolina


"...the directions were so clear and easy to follow..."

- Lisa from North Carolina

Listen to actual recorded call from Lisa above (used with permission)

Before you can watch these simple training videos, I need to make sure your computer and internet connection can handle watching my online videos...

Please click the play button on the video below. If this video plays on your computer, then you have everything you need to watch ALL the diaper cake videos I made for you. (The videos should play on at least 98% of computers out there).

Did it work for you? I hope so! If you were able to watch the video and you want to see ALL the diaper cake instructional videos we made, continue on...

You're going to learn the Fastest, Easiest, & Most Stable way of making a baby diaper cake.

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Diaper cake instructions made so easy, EVEN A MAN can use them ;)

Yes, to prove how easy diaper cakes are to make using these video instructions, I filmed my husband making the first diaper cake video series for you. He made the diaper cake shown below and you can watch every step, live on video. (He hopes his poker buddies don't see this one!!)

Video Series #1 - Simple 3 Tier Diaper Cake Instructions
(total video length is 22 minutes, 51 seconds)...

Actual diaper cake made in video #1 shown above

In this video series, you will earn how to make the easiest and least expensive type of diaper cake. This cake requires only 40 diapers and you'll be able to make the entire diaper cake in less than 23 minutes!

There are 5 parts to this first diaper cake training video

Video 1 - Building the foundation - 3 minutes, 2 seconds

Video 2 - Making the bottom tier - 5 munutes, 20 seconds

Video 3 - Making the middle tier - 4 minutes, 48 seconds

Video 4 - Finishing the based & start decorating - 3 minutes, 40 seconds

Video 5 - Finish decorating the cake - 6 minutes, 1 second


Photo Used With Permission
Submitted by Lisa from North Carolia

We are constantly getting thank you emails and phone calls like this one...

One of our students named Lisa emailed us a picture of her latest "adorable creation" to the left...Here was her message:

"Thank you for making the diaper cake videos. I made a diaper cake following your instructions for my sister's baby shower and everyone loved it!

Now people want me to start making them for other people's baby showers too..."

You Also Get To Learn How To Make The Rolled Style Diaper Cakes Too!

Many people prefer the look of the rolled diapers on a diaper cake, so that's why we've included a video series on how to make this style of cake as well. Watch all the videos and then determine which style you want to use for your next diaper cake.

Video Series #2 - "Rolled Look" 3 Tier Diaper Cake Instructions
(total video length is 23 minutes, 18 seconds)...

Actual diaper cake made in video #2 shown above

This is another popular type of diaper cake where you roll the diapers rather than having the smooth "icing-like look" as in the previous video. This cake has 65 diapers and takes a little bit longer to make since you have to roll each diaper.

Warning - do not attempt to make this cake without watching this video. I've seen beautiful diaper cakes made using this style that have crumbled apart just before giving them as a gift because they weren;t made correctly. In fact, any diaper cake not made using my "strong foundation" technique is likely to fall apart on you, turning your beautiful gift into an embarrassing situation.

Video 1 - Making diaper cake base - 3 minutes, 17 seconds

Video 2 - Rolling diapers & making bottom Tier - 4 minutes, 58 seconds

Video 3 - Finish Base & attach ribbon - 4 minutes, 37 seconds

Video 4 - Begin decorating cake - 6 minutes, 21 seconds

Video 5 - Finish decorating diaper cake - 4 minutes, 5 seconds

Finally, You Will Learn How To Make A Massive 4 Tier Diaper Cake With Blankets & Baby Clothes...

Photo Submitted By One Of
Our Students Named Maria
From Miami, FL

Photo Submitted By One Of
Our Students Named Tamika
From Indiana


Video Series #3 - Huge 4 Tier Diaper Cake Instructions
(total video length is 20 minutes, 46 seconds)...

Actual diaper cake made in video #3 shown above

If you want to make a diaper cake that gets a lot of attention, then this 4 tier diaper cake video is for you. You'll learn the secrets to decorating these massive cakes that look as if they were made by a professional!

This diaper cake is decorated with blankets, onesies and other clothing items so you can learn the techniques to this style of decorating as well as the standard "ribbon decorating" like videos 1 & 2.

Video 1 - Making diaper cake base part 1 - 4 minutes, 19 seconds

Video 2 - Finish diaper cake base - 5 minutes, 57 seconds

Video 3 - Begin decorating bottom two tiers - 4 minutes, 9 seconds

Video 4 - Continue decorating third tier- 3 minutes, 11 seconds

Video 5 - Finish decorating diaper cake - 3 minutes, 10 seconds


So, are you ready to start watching these step by step video lessons right from your computer? It's easy to get started...

Once you learn how to make a diaper cake, you'll never need to buy another baby gift in your lifetime! You will have the knowledge you need to make cute, original diaper cakes for a tiny fraction of the cost of one made by someone else.

Now, I know you may be saying you can find free videos on You Tube or elsewhere. However, our videos are also offered with materials you can print out to further guide you in making your first diaper cake.

In addition to the videos, here's what you'll also receive:

- Detailed workbook with the recipes used in creating the diaper cakes in the videos.

- Supplies checklist so you can get all the supplies you need in one trip to the store.

- Our money saving tips that teach you to make diaper cakes for as little money as possible.

- Decorating tips that will make your diaper cakes look amazing!

To access all 3 diaper cake video training lessons (15 videos in all), simply click the Join Now link below and you can begin watching within minutes...

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